UFO907 came to Earth in  the mid 90’s, Walking out on Art School disillusioned by the standard path of the struggling artist he saw before him. Abandoning  the art world, UFO found himself allured into the subcultures of graffiti and vandalism. The paint brush was traded for the spray can and the endless walls, forgotten back lots, rooftops, and delivery trucks of New York City become both his studio and his gallery. The unpredictability of material and painting surface, the risk of getting arrested or chased, the never ending adventure of paintings and in strange places under the cover of darkness all contributed to the style and development of UFO’s work.

    Fact is UFO907 has never quite fit perfectly within the classic constraints of Graffiti. From day One it’s been clear that UFO’s graffiti stems from a fine arts background, with unconventional painting technics and highly expressive line work. 

As one of the pioneers of character based graffiti  UFO907 has helped (for better or worse) push the subculture of graffiti into the mainstream, with his highly recognizable and playful imagery. As well helping to usher in the new art movement known as “Street Art” where young artists of today have caught onto the power and freedom of beginning an art career on the streets as a bridge and shortcut into the gallery world.

    Finally after 20 years, hundreds of paintings, millions of drawings, come and gone, UFO907 has changed gears, making the transition back into the studio. While staying true to his graffiti roots with the UFO icon and his use of spray paint and markers.

    As of late, UFO has been turning out prolific bodies of work, both painting n sculpture, that exhibit a passion and deep understanding of materials and the boundless methods of application, while overflowing with an energy that can only be found on the streets.

Avenue des Arts