“Nympholepsy Cider”








“Nympholepsy Cider”

The word of “nymph” in the title means goddess or spirit which dwells within the thing and place of nature. Nymphs sing and dance in a very beautiful figure, and sometimes charm a human heart and move it as they desire.

Girls like nymphs are always in my head and live there freely. Where they are, a grassy plain is spreading and breeze always.

I cannot talk with those girls, but when I have heard news, which is happy or regrettable or cruel, and anxious information in my life, my feeling moves like colliding with those girls’ emotions, and then one scene appears to my head like a picture.

It is very vivid, and I can see it in details; their expression and gesture, what kind of clothes they are wearing, how much wind is blowing and the temperature there, what kind of problems, happiness or anxiety they have, how they express their feelings using what kind of shape or touch or animal, what happens there, and what color their feelings are.

At the moment when my picture has been drawn influenced by even if a negative feeling or cruel news, I feel good and excited. My head and body feel tingly like when I’ve had a cider.

With all the pictures I have drawn so far, I have experienced this feeling every time I draw a picture. As I have wanted to tell it to many people, I named the title of this exhibition the word of moment when my picture was born.

If I can leave something in the new world or in an each one’s head or heart by exhibiting my pictures, I think that the world inside me will be spreading and leading to my new expression.

Avenue des Arts