PLASTIC DREAMS | Mist | Solo Exhibition | May 25 2017 – June 10 2017

MIST will exhibit a new collection of paintings and sculptures at his first exhibition in Asia with Avenue des Arts at 201 Kam Ming House, 53-49 Queens Road Central, 25 May –10 June 2017. A private opening will be held on the 24 May for collectors.

Avenue des Arts will host a wall mural – street art party to celebrate the inaugural exhibition for MIST in Hong Kong. The event will take place on 23 May at 7pm until late at La Cantoche, 227 Hollywood Road.

Artist statement

In 1996, during my early research of creating figurines I realized my chosen material should be Perspex, not resin and in minimum quantity, limited editions.

By 1999, I bought my first vinyl toy by a Chinese artist MICHAEL LAU, who was a pioneer in this movement. Through a friend in Hong Kong, Mr. Yan (local Joeystaar), I met the famous Michael Lau, who reviewed my prototype, and she gave me her contact of her manufacturer, which was unexpected at this stage of my research.

The productions that follow have proved to be a success, which does not spoil the party, and it is all these encounters, this new atmosphere, this unknown culture and these plastic dreams.

This new sculpture series will be exhibited in both Hong Kong and there after New York, my new “Mecca”.

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