shelby and sandy


Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 26th, 6pm – 9pm

Then open daily from: March 26th – March 31st, 2019

1/F and 2/F, Hilltop Plaza, 49 Hollywood Road. Central

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shelby and sandy are brothers from Los Angeles. Their paintings are inspired by their nostalgia.

Their vibrantly hued over-sized canvases thrum to the zeitgeist; provocative, thrilling, humorous, playful, and beautifully executed, each work changes the way you view contemporary art.

shelby and sandy combine their energies and personalities so seamlessly, that one begins a sentence or brush stroke, and the other finishes it. The resulting works of art are imbued with the positive psychic energy of these two young painters. “We will work on a painting until every color is correct, every line is crisp,” shelby continues, “until we deem it a success. Each painting is a complete 50/50 collaboration.”



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