shelby and sandy

shelby and sandy are brothers from Los Angeles. Their paintings are inspired by their nostalgia.

Their vibrantly hued over-sized canvases thrum to the zeitgeist; provocative, thrilling, humorous, playful, and beautifully executed, each work changes the way you view contemporary art. Their list of celebrity clients spans the gamut of today’s stars of screen and music–so exclusive is it, that we’re unable to publish their names.

shelby and sandy combine their energies and personalities so seamlessly, that one begins a sentence or brush stroke, and the other finishes it. The resulting works of art are imbued with the positive psychic energy of these two young painters. “We will work on a painting until every color is correct, every line is crisp,” shelby continues, “until we deem it a success. Each painting is a complete 50/50 collaboration.”

Collectors have taken note of their talent. Their original works grace the homes and collections of a bevy of established and up-and-coming Hollywood and music industry talent: Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Zac Efron, Sean Kingston, Rob Dyrdek, and Rachel Zoe to name but a few of the young creative talent that have fallen in love with the work of shelby and sandy. Their international collectors include those living in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other locations around the globe.

The brothers have created work for movies, including the recent Warner Bros. release, “We Are Your Friends”; advertising campaigns for Sperry Top-Sider and Red Bull, and are represented in the corporate collections of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas, along with CHOC (Children’s Hospital Orange County), Creative Artists Agency, and Holsteins at South Coast Plaza.

Currently, there is a five month waiting list for commissioned paintings by this dynamic duo. “We paint because it is our absolute favorite thing to do,” said sandy, “nothing makes us happier than finishing a painting and showing it to the world.

Written by: Robert Patrick


Avenue des Arts